Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Lyrics by Stan C. Countz

Nowadays I dream while I’m awake
but it seems I’m asleep at the wheel
Keep making the same ol’ mistakes
When will I get well and finally heal?

I’m spinnin’ in circles
I’m spiraling down
Holdin’ my breath
‘til I finally hit the ground

One bad apple don’t make the whole box rotten
It’s sad I had to grapple with it
Think I’ve finally hit rock bottom

I remember that sweet child at my kitchen table
with daisies in her hair
Today I see girls gone wild and a world gone crazy
and it don’t seem fair; my mind may be a wee bit hazy
but it seems to me it’s really getting out of hand
We seem to be looking for meaning in a label
or for purpose in a seal or a brand
But I have a feeling if we’ll look below the surface
maybe then we’ll understand
We’re cast in a modern fable looking through a looking glass
like Alice in Wonderland or like a stranger in a strange land
buildin’ castles in the sand

Looking for more than a friend
If she’s ready, willin’ and able
What’s waiting around the next bend?
Lookin’ for somethin’ stable
I’m lookin’ for a happy end
Layin’ my cards on the table
No need to play and pretend
Meditate or play with my navel
Or go through this once again

Thought my mind had unraveled
Thought I was lost, alone and forgotten
Then I remembered that one bad apple
don’t make the whole box rotten
So if your life is spinnin’ out of control
and you feel you’ve hit rock bottom
Don’t give up hope ‘cuz one bad apple
don’t make the whole box rotten

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